Writing a marketing concept statement

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Example of a Product Concept Statement

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Example of a Product Concept Statement

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The statement's purpose is to convince a client you're right for the job; if she agrees, the details can. A concept statement is a formal document setting forth an idea in words and/or graphics to be presented to decision makers prior to actually implementing the idea.

The "decision makers" could be a potential client, upper management in your own organization, or a board or other organizational body.

Jun 29,  · A product concept statement provides a vision for a product or service that is in development. It expresses the essence of the product or service. A concept statement is the essence of a business plan.

How to write a winning brand concept

If you are writing a business plan, know that this statement lays the groundwork for the plan for when you present it. Never at one point assume that the plan can speak for itself, it can’t.

Keep the concept statement to one paragraph consisting of three or four sentences. The concept statement is not the business plan; rather the wording is used in business plans to easily explain the idea, product or design.

A concept statement is the essence of a business plan. If you are writing a business plan, concept statement lays the groundwork for it.

How to Write Winning Concepts

These statements are beneficial for any business plan presentation. They not only help explain the aim and focus of the business, but they also help provide a better understanding.

Writing a marketing concept statement
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How to write a brand concept to help your brand win in the market