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Expository / Informational Writing – Genius Paragraphs

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Informational Writing Books for K-2 (Lucy Calkins)

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Is handwriting laterally related to learning to make?. Unleashing the Power of Informative Writing Using Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD) in Elementary Grades, presented by Sandra Jones SRSD is based on decades of empirical research that show how effectively it raises the writing achievement and motivation of diverse students.

Please enjoy my collection of 40+ anchor charts, updated weekly!


All of these anchor charts have been used in my own classroom (Grades ) with students. Click on each picture to be redirected a blog post featuring the anchor chart and other activities related to the topic! While one checklist is available in kindergarten, three checklists specific to narrative, opinion, and informational writing are available in Grades 1 and 2.

Informative Essay: Anchor Paper

These checklists can be modified by teachers to support the specific areas of focus for student writers. All SRSD Resources on this site can be found here! Below are the resources that were introduced in training today. I will continue to add to this list during the summer and school year.

Anchor text is a piece of text that matches the topic or writing prompt. It’s used for the purpose of supporting the student’s opinions and/or ideas during opinion, argumentative, and explanatory writing. does SRSD instruction in the informational genre citing text-based evidence improve the writing skills of fifth grade students with LD or those who struggle in writing in terms of (a) analytic quality, (b) evidence of strategy use, and (c) length?

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