Reflections from a missions trip

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Reflections on My Short-term Mission Trip to Haiti

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this will astound even the most hardened sceptic and convince many people that the whole apollo moon project of the late 's and early 70's were a complete hoax. Whether the word committee makes your cringe or cheer, your church needs a dedicated group of people to focus on global missions.

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Mission Trip Reflections: Cooperation

The Regensburg lecture or Regensburg address was delivered on 12 September by Pope Benedict XVI at the University of Regensburg in Germany, where he had once served as a professor of was entitled "Faith, Reason and the University — Memories and Reflections" (German: Glaube, Vernunft und Universität — Erinnerungen und Reflexionen).

3 Reflections From My Trip to Brazil—A Mission Force Has Grown In summary, Brazil, with all of its challenges, is a picture of a mission field that has become a missions force. God, in his providence and grace, has preserved and blessed plus years of Southern Baptist investment and work in this strategic country.

INTERNATIONAL. This was my first Missions trip with Nurses for the Nations and my 3rd trip to Liberia overall. Keeping Reflections 1 & 2 in mind, I experienced and witnessed many incredible blessings from God during this.

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Reflections from a missions trip
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