Plato impact on christianity

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Christianity’s Platonic Heaven

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Christianity and Hellenistic philosophy

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Neoplatonism and Christianity

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Plato: Impact on Christianity

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The Influence of Christianity on Western Civilization The positive influence of Christianity is far reaching especially in the rich history and culture of Western Civilization despite a long standing ignorance or adamant denial of its contributions. 5 Troels Engberg-­‐Pedersen, "Setting the Scene: Stoicism and Platonism in the Transitional Period in Ancient Philosophy," in Stoicism in Early Christianity, ed.

Tuomas Tasimus, Troels Engberg-­‐Pedersen, and Ismo Dunderberg(Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic, ), 4-­‐8. Christianity is the West’s most important worldview.

Plato was the West’s most important philosopher. But the two have far more in common than just importance—in fact. Plato had a huge influence on the development of Christianity. An early Greek Pagan, Justin Martyr (AD ) converted to Christianity because he saw the way early Christians bore persecution and was reminded of the way Socrates handled his death.

Plato: Impact on Christianity.

The Social and Historical Impact of Christianity

Drafty Plato was born in BC in Athens, Greece. He was born into a wealthy and aristocratic family with a political background. Plato's father claimed he was a descendent of Codrus, the last king of Athens; on his mother's side he was related to.

Many of the doctrines central to Christianity have important philosophical implications or presuppositions. In this article, we begin with a brief general discussion of the relationship between philosophy and Christian dogma, and then we turn our attention to three of the most philosophically challenging Christian doctrines: the trinity, the incarnation, and the atonement.

Plato impact on christianity
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