Max perutz writing awards

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Max Perutz Science Writing Award

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The brainstorm competition challenges entrants to tie an word article for the general experienced answering the question: Invitations for the essay selection will be sent out in Fact. Max Ferdinand Perutz was born into a family of textile manufacturers. His parents wanted him to study law in preparation for going into the family business; however, he was more interested in chemistry.

Max Perutz Science Writing Award shortlist announced 12/09/ Ten outstanding articles have been shortlisted for this year’s Max Perutz Science Writing Award, the MRC’s annual writing competition.

Amazing achievement by first year #PhD student Nuzhat Ashra from @UoL_Health_Sci being shortlisted for @The_MRC Max Perutz Science Writing Award!. The award is named after the eminent scientist and Nobel Laureate Dr Max Perutz, an accomplished and natural communicator who died in Since the competition began inhundreds of MRC researchers have submitted entries and taken their first steps in communicating their research to the public.

Perutz's flair for writing was a late development.

Max Perutz (1914–2002)

His relative Leo Perutz, a distinguished writer, told Max when he was a boy that he would never be a writer, an unwarranted judgement, as demonstrated by Perutz's remarkable letters written as an undergraduate. They are published in What a Time I Am Having: Selected Letters of Max Perutz.

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Our Max Perutz Science Writing Award is open. To help entrants, in this episode we speak to last year's winner and runners up for hints and tips on science writing. .

Max perutz writing awards
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