An argument against physician assisted suicides

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Should an incurably-ill patient be able to commit physician-assisted suicide?

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The hallway here is that means will make mistakes. What about the arguments against assisted suicide? Some people fear that it will become an ethical slippery slope. Once we allow physician-assisted suicide for competent people who are terminally ill and can take the medication on their own, it opens the way to offering it to people who are no longer mentally competent.

Opponents of a ban on physician-assisted suicide continue to raise the issue of its supposed "chilling effect" on pain management, but they carefully avoid reference to the accumulating evidence against this argument in state after state.

What is physician-assisted suicide and how does this differ from, say, euthanasia? Physician-assisted suicide or PAS is defined as the voluntary termination of one's own life by administration of a lethal substance with the direct or indirect assistance of a physician.

Allowing physician-assisted suicide would be a grave mistake for four reasons. First, it would endanger the weak and vulnerable.

Second, it would corrupt the practice of medicine and the doctor.

Physician-assisted Suicide: The Wrong Approach to End of Life Care

In many respects physician-assisted suicide raises many of the same ethical and professional issues as euthanasia because in both cases the physician is complicit in the patient's death.

There is extensive literature on the physician-assisted suicide debate. There are several arguments as to why physician-assisted suicide should be legalized in all states. A common argument for assisted suicide is that it is a general practice to humanely end a pet’s life when they are incurable.

Should an incurably-ill patient be able to commit physician-assisted suicide? An argument against physician assisted suicides
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Physician Aid-in-Dying: Ethical Topic in Medicine